Our Genesis Journey: The Evolution of a Small Idea into a Big Dream

Dreaming Big

Dreaming Big


Identifying an Idea with Impact

The context in which the idea for The Genesis Box floated across my mind was so random and seemingly insignificant that I scarcely remember it. What I do remember is being on a road trip with my then fiancé, Nathan, driving from one place to another (for the life of me, I can’t remember where we were going!). Glancing at the road ahead, a thought came to mind - what if I created a box filled with beautiful artisan goods from around the world? Though I didn’t realize it at the time, it was at that moment The Genesis Box was born.

You may be wondering at the randomness of the idea and, if so, you are spot on. It truly came to me out of nowhere and out of nothing.

To be honest, there have been countless times when I have had random business ideas. Many have been laughable, others have been duplicative of existing businesses, and a few have been promising but not exciting or impactful. No matter the case, each of these ideas were in my mind one moment, gone the next, and never again present in my consciousness.

The idea for The Genesis Box, however, was different. It kept coming to mind - so much so, in fact, that I began to believe God was trying to tell me something. 

Since high school, I have dreamed of having a positive impact on the world through my work. I have a huge heart for the nations and cultures different from my own, and I have always longed to pursue a career that would enable me to leverage those passions for good. But was this idea the one? Had God given me the answer I had been looking for? In my mind, there was only one way to find out - to test it.


“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

Romans 12: 2



Establishing a Small Business

Although the journey of building The Genesis Box had already begun, this was the turning point where I started taking action to build my small business. 

At first, this looked like me sharing the idea with close family and friends. I wanted to both establish my thoughts (I am definitely a verbal processor!) and gather feedback from those I admire most. It then shifted to me putting pen to paper. 

As my idea evolved through conversations with others, I documented those thoughts in my journal and refined them into visually appealing PowerPoint slides. This presentation acted as:

  1. My whiteboard to define and build upon The Genesis Box business model,
  2. An overview presentation to share with others and gather feedback, and
  3. A design board to test out and refine the look and feel of our brand.

I’d like to say that this process was easy, but in all honesty, it took a lot of time. Recently married and working as a full-time technology consultant, I was balancing a lot of different priorities. But the thing was, I always enjoyed working on Genesis. It excited me and filled me with purpose. It still does today :).

Now, I’d be doing a disservice if I failed to share about the amazing team God provided me with. As always, He knows our hearts so well. He knew I needed, and longed for, help. And that’s where my sister, Mary Anne, and good friend, Kareena, come into the picture. My incredible team!

Genesis Team

Building a Diverse, Creative Team of Dreamers

I give God all of the credit for The Genesis Box team. Although we each bring different skill sets and perspectives to the table, we share the following core values, and they are at the center of all we do.


Each of us are incredibly passionate about fostering and fighting for our own dreams, while also encouraging the dreams of others. This is portrayed in The Genesis Box model, which seeks to empower global artisans to pursue their own small business dreams. 



We are also a group of creatives! We love discovering beautiful, unique goods from around the world and sharing them with others. We also love seeing facets of God’s image portrayed uniquely across the world’s nations, communities, and people. 



The power of testimony cannot be understated. We feel inspired hearing the amazing stories of redemption and hope in the stories our artisan partners share. We also feel honored to be invited to pray into areas of pain and suffering in their stories. Our hope is that the story-telling of The Genesis Box will encourage and inspire others, as well. 


Now how, you may ask, did the three of us become a team?? 

Great question! So, going back to the process of starting a small business…

I decided I had gotten to the point where I needed to make a decision. At this point in time, the idea for The Genesis Box was well-defined, and I needed to decide whether or not I was all in. In other words, I had reached my go / no-go decision point. 


In boldness, I prayed for an answer from God.

I had planned to reach out to the founder and CEO of Adventures in Missions (AIM), Seth Barnes, to ask if he would be willing to partner with me. If God desired for me to move forward with my idea, I prayed that Seth would respond to my email with a YES. 

I had my doubts that the CEO of a large organization tasked with sending out thousands of missionaries to the nations would be interested in, or have time for, my idea. But, of course, all things are possible with God (Luke 1:37) and His purpose cannot be thwarted (Job 42:2). Seth responded YES to me within minutes. He also connected me to Kareena Gentry, who was participating in the globalU program, to act as his point of contact. Kareena and I have been working on The Genesis Box together ever since :).

Mary Anne, on the other hand, is my amazing sister. With her design background and artistic skill set, I invited Mary Anne to establish the look and feel of all of The Genesis Box content and materials - the website, social media, packaging, and templates. Sharing in the values and vision of Genesis, Mary Anne jumped right in, and I am so blessed to have her.

Genesis Team

Where We Are Today

Today, Kareena, Mary Anne, and I are eagerly preparing for the initial Genesis Box release. It has been such a blessing and adventure for us to get where we are today. We are beyond excited to have a published website and the opportunity to share our hearts with you all. If you, too, have a heart for the world and the beauty of creation, our hope is that you would consider joining our global community. We would love to share with you!

As we work with global missionaries and artisans to curate our first Genesis Box, we’d also love to hear from you. Please let us know your thoughts on our vision. Please share your story and any prayer requests you may have with us. We cannot wait to get to know you and invite you into this glimpse of God’s kingdom on Earth!

Many blessings!


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