Paint It Forward Prints & The Genesis Box Collaboration: 16 Years of Friendship & Counting

Product Reveal: Scripture Cards

Elizabeth and Maddie in the Texas hill country

In two days, The Genesis Box will release a brand new artisan product: a pack of 52 Scripture Cards. While the idea for Elizabeth & I to collaborate on these cards came about at the beginning of the year, that is not where our story began.




Where It Started


From constantly wearing t-shirts and basketball shorts in elementary school to experiencing the awkward growing pains of high school together, Elizabeth & I have been best friends since 4th grade (16 years!!), and there have been so many adventures and blessings along the way. Over the past couple of years, our friendship has grown deeper as we have gotten to struggle together on a 10 day hike in the Alps, Airbnb-hop around the U.S., and share in the joy of her wedding day.


It was on this groundwork of trust and friendship that our collaboration started. Elizabeth’s identity in Christ has always been so strong, and it has been something I've admired in her throughout our friendship. While I’ve always believed in God, it wasn’t until June of 2020 that I actively began pursuing a relationship with Him and began to understand what it meant to have my identity rooted in Christ. Elizabeth has been such a blessing during this time of growth, being someone I can relate to and share with as I grow in and navigate my faith. Not only do we share our faith in Jesus, but we also share a heart for dreaming big. We can spend countless hours bouncing ideas off of each other, gushing about places (usually coffee shops) we have seen and experienced and how they have inspired us. It was only natural that we came up with the idea to collaborate on the Scripture Cards; she had been wanting to sell one-off artisan goods, and I had been wanting to redo a project I had done years prior, when just starting my business. 


If you are here reading this blog, I am guessing you are familiar with The Genesis Box and Elizabeth’s vision (if not, check out her blog here). But you might be wondering what Paint It Forward Prints is and how it came into the picture. 


Paint It Forward Prints


I was definitely the achiever type in high school, putting pressure on myself to perform and excel. I learned pretty quickly that having a creative outlet was crucial to my mental health and overall well being, and in high school that was choir. After my freshman year of college, I was really struggling with anxiety and ended up taking a year off from school. It was during this time, a time where I actually had the time and energy to explore creatively, that I began painting and doing calligraphy. At first, it was just for fun, gifting my paintings to family & friends. 


I was slowly getting better and learning what materials to use (I started with index cards as my watercolor paper, so clearly there was a lot of room to grow…). My first paid project was for my neighbor’s bible study, painting each woman's favorite verse. Terri Ingraham was in this Bible Study and was starting her non-profit, beLydia, at the time. I was given the opportunity to partner with her and dream big. Together we created the first version of my Scripture Cards, later expanding these designs to create a Weekly Planner. Through this partnership, I was both invigorated and challenged. Flying by the seat of my pants,  I worked with production level printers and taught myself InDesign/Photoshop. This partnership propelled me forward, and I expanded to selling in a few shows and selling greeting cards at local stores. 

 Paint It Forward Prints Art

As I got more plugged into college, Paint It Forward Prints moved a bit to the back-burner and did even more so when I moved to New York City to begin my career. While I knew the importance of having a creative outlet in my life, I was busy exploring New York. It wasn’t until I re-ignited my faith that the desire to redo the Scripture Cards was imprinted on my heart.


The Scripture Cards

 Paint It Forward Prints and The Genesis Box are so excited to collaborate as small businesses to bring you the beautiful scripture card packs.

When Elizabeth started mentioning that she wanted to sell one-off artisan goods, it felt like an answered prayer. Yes, I wanted to redo the scripture cards since I now had more knowledge regarding the Adobe Suite and Procreate and more practice with calligraphy. But more importantly, my heart was centered on the desire to create and exercise my skills for the glory of God. It was such a blessing to dig into the scriptures and pick out the verses to include (as that was something Terri from BeLydia managed last time) and plug into The Genesis Box’s globally-inspired, creative community.


I am beyond excited to share these scripture cards with you all. Not only is it my hope that through these cards you can experience the Fruits of the Spirit and be encouraged to dig further into the Word of God, but I also hope that through these cards you can share the redemptive and restorative power of the Word of God with those around you.


Much love & many blessings, 

P.S. Below is a verse that continued to inspire me throughout the creation process of these scripture cards. My prayer is that your heart is affected and moved by these scriptures.

“For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”

Hebrews 4:12 ESV

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