Small Business Highlight: Sol&Co

small business empowerment : a Genesis dreamOne of our strongest motivators both in starting and growing The Genesis Box is to empower small businesses and their teams of dreamers. We love to encourage those around us to pursue their passions and take a leap of faith! Even more so, we love to watch and learn from their journeys. 

Through Genesis, we have the amazing opportunity to promote small businesses both locally and globally. We support global businesses by purchasing products from artisans all throughout the world. In addition, we offer our amazing artisan partners the opportunity to obtain an entrepreneurship certificate to help them build and grow their businesses. Locally, we seek to collaborate with other small businesses through social media promotions, entrepreneurial highlights on our blog, and spreading the word of their purpose and impact with those we know and love. 

We want “The Garden” to be a place for sharing stories of creation and cultivation. As small businesses beautifully portray the challenging, hopeful, and adventurous creative journey that God calls us to, we cannot wait to kick off our small business highlights with a glimpse into Lexi’s journey founding Sol&Co.

What is Sol&Co?

Sol&Co is a fantastic company started by Lexi Grisanti. She founded Sol&Co out of a deep desire to serve women around the world. Her heart broke after living in developing nations where she witnessed joblessness among women and their desperation to provide for their families, a lack of morality in the manufacturing industry, and trash that so commonly filled the streets. Lexi wanted to create a company that merged the issues of poverty and the injustices in the fashion industry, so she created Sol&Co

Below, we have included a blog Lexi wrote where she shares her heart behind Sol&Co: being a voice to the voiceless. And if you know Lexi, you know that is exactly what she embodies. Lexi and I met on a 9 month educational gap year where Sol&Co actually began. I remember being in Thailand trying on the first prototypes and taking a photoshoot on the roof of the hostel we were staying at. And then the moment in Georgia when her official order of “the pant”, as we all called it, got there. Together we grabbed each side of the big box, screaming “the pant is here, the pant is here” as we walked as quickly as we could to celebrate with the rest of our Global U community. Lexi, to see where you are now is an incredible testament to God’s provision and your hard work and I am BEYOND proud of you sister!

Kareena & Lexi

A Voice to the Voiceless

written by: Lexi Grisanti

There’s a part of me deep within that feels a responsibility to tend and love this earth. It’s the natural reaction I have in response to all it has given me. Nature has led me to Jesus and tended to some of my deepest wounds. It’s in the open places I find my freedom, I find my voice, and I find the wholeness I was always meant to.

I think it’s easy to find deeply rooted joy and fulfillment in the wildlands.

It, along with Jesus, is the only constant I have ever known. So in my wholeness, I will speak of the truth I have found.

It’s out of this very wholeness and passion that came Sol&Co. A passion for a company to stand for something larger than a profit margin, and use its influence to inspire good, and share insights. A passion for companies to take up a responsibility to tend not only for this earth but also for its people.

Maybe some of you are similar to how I was a few years ago, totally unaware of the effects our everyday life has on the environment, and it’s not our fault. There are industries hidden behind dollar signs and full of secrets, to distract us from seeing the effects of our purchases. I say this not to be a clamoring voice highlighting problems, but to be a voice that provides hope in a future where mysteries are unraveled and production is honest. A voice that deeply loves and desires the best for this planet and its people.

With that, I vow to be open and transparent in sharing all the research and knowledge I find in the process of doing what I can to love our lands.

I vow to run a company that is transparent with every decision we make. And finally, I vow to lift other companies and sources making the change because I know, “one voice yelling may seem like a whisper, but many will create a shout.” 

Lexi Grisanti Founder of Sol&Co

Lexi Grisanti

Sol&Co Goods

I hope you enjoyed her words that are sweeter than honey, it is a mere glimpse of her golden heart. Check out her sustainable and beautiful products at She just launched a new hoodie - a great Christmas gift and the product we recently did a giveaway with! She also has four other blogs that share more about what she is doing and the impact Sol&Co has brought, and I have seen this impact firsthand with the artisans she employed during both our time in Thailand and Nicaragua. And this is just the beginning of her company!  




We are excited to be partnering with other small businesses and dreamers as we join God’s plan for Heaven to invade Earth. If you have a small business or know someone who does, we would love to collaborate in any way we can :) 

Abundant Blessings and Dream Filled Hearts! 


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